A Beginners Guide to Quality Fondue

There’s something undeniably satisfying about spearing a piece of food on a long-handled fork, setting it into a hot pot, and getting to enjoy the delicious results almost immediately. It’s no wonder that fondue has enjoyed popularity (and produced so many variations) for so many decades ever since it originated in its traditional cheese form in Switzerland. It’s easy for newcomers to enjoy quality fondue nowadays, whether you enjoy it at a restaurant or prepare it at home.

Fondue is a great alternative to other meals because you get to participate as you eat. It’s flexible enough to work for practically any occasion, whether you’re looking to serve a cheesy appetizer, an entree with meat and/or veggies in broth, or a sweet dessert – or all three. Plus, sharing fondue can be either a communal or romantic experience, so it’s sure to please everyone involved.

Fondue is great for dates because it inherently encourages you to get close and work together. It takes the romantic idea of cooking a meal together to the next level. You have constant conversation starters right in front of you, as you choose what piece of bread, meat, or fruit to dip in or as you fish for the pieces that try to get away from you in the pot.

Fondue also works well for slightly bigger groups because it allows each person to have some control over their meal. You can determine what you want to cook in the pot. And if there are sauces on the side, you can add as much flavor as you’d like to your food.

Whether you’re a master chef or a staunch microwaver, fondue food is simple and straightforward enough to prepare for any cooking skill level. This especially holds true at restaurants, where the server will walk you through the guidelines of how long to cook each type of food. More adventurous types can prepare their own fondue at home for special occasions or just to give an ordinary meal a twist. Fondue sets are available at a number of stores, as are fondue cookbooks and sauce mixes.

For cheese fondue, different types of bread are great for dipping, as are veggies like carrots and broccoli or even slices of sausage. Some great dippers for chocolate fondue are cut up fruit like bananas and strawberries, but also try marshmallows and clumps of brownie, pound cake, and rice krispie treats.

Of course, for the fondue experience to work best, the participants should be spread out so that there’s a fair proportion of diners per each fondue pot. And you should always make sure you check raw meats like chicken to make sure they get cooked all the way through. Similarly, keep raw meats and seafood on their own plate and never set them on the plate you’re eating off of.

From bread dipped in Swiss cheese to strawberries dipped in melted chocolate, fondue makes for one fun meal. It’s a great option for taking your sweetie out for a romantic Valentine’s Day or anniversary dinner, but it’s equally fitting for a small party of friends who want to have something a bit out of the ordinary. The joys of fondue will surely be around for a long time to come.