Advantages of using a Pizza Stone for Baking

Cooking with a pizza baking stone can greatly affect the cooking time, the texture and the flavor of your pizza. Baking stones are flat, unfinished and are usually rectangle or round in shape. So what are the advantages of cooking with a pizza baking stone? Because baking stones are porous, they absorb moisture well. This prevents the pizza crust from becoming soggy and allows it to cook evenly.

Using a pizza baking stone is easy and only takes a few minutes to prep.  Depending on the type of pizza baking stone you’re using, you will either need to prepare your pizza directly on your baking stone or separately. If you need to prepare your baking stone separately, place it in a cool oven and then set your oven temperature.  Once you’ve finished making your pizza, carefully slide it onto the baking stone. Unlike metal pans, you won’t have to deal with burned bottoms or crusts and at the same time will help keep your food warm. 

Purchasing a baking stone is one of the best investments that you will ever make to use in your kitchen.  However, there are several different kinds of baking stones made from various materials, and depending on what type of foods you want to cook, buying a round pizza stone will work well to start off with.

Roll-out pizza dough, is best done with a rectangular stone while round doughs and certain cookie recipes are more suited for a circular baking stone. The versatility of the pizza stones distribute heat evenly to cook pizza and breads to a perfect crispy texture with less scorching of the edges and can also be used to cook meats.

After using a pizza baking stone it is important that it be cleaned thoroughly to remove any food debris and residue from the crevices of its surface with a scraper. Moreover, you should avoid washing the pizza baking stone with soap. The alkaline in soap will eat away at the coating of the stone if it’s been seasoned, so only use the scraper to clean the pizza baking stone and then rinse it with hot water.  In addition, the pizza stone cannot tolerate extreme cold to hot temperature exposure which can cause the stone to crack. By following these simple steps you can start cooking a variety of foods with your pizza baking stone to perfection.