Buyers Guide to Cake Mixes

Don’t tell Grandma, but today’s cake mixes can be even better than scratch! The cake mixes you buy in stores today are more consistent, more flavorful and more convenient than most of the scratch recipes that you can find. They ultimately can save you valuable time and money, too. With today’s busy lifestyles it is hard to bring out the cook book and the mess and whip up a scratch cake, but with these mixes and a little imagination there is nothing you can’t do!

A good cake mix always comes out the same, not matter your baking ability, your altitude or even your age. Baking is a science, everything has to be just right to make your cake come out perfect. When baking from scratch things can vary. Ingredients for example, eggs are different is size, even in the same carton. Your baking powder can be older and not be as powerful as it once was. Different flours can change things, as well as you altitude. When you use one of today’s many cake mixes, these inconsistencies do not matter as much, the companies have already adjusted for these differences; every mix they put out is the same and every cake you make will turn out just as good every time.

By far my favorite of all of the regular boxed mixes has to be Duncan Hines. I have never had a bad cake, no matter what flavor I have chosen. It works well for regular layered cakes as well as cupcakes, sheet cakes anything. I use the white cake mix for all of my wedding cakes since this mix can be doubled, tripled or more and still remains true. The lemon and spice cakes are great as well. The family favorite is, of course, Devil’s Food cake. The chocolate flavor is wonderful.

One of the other good things about the Duncan Hines is the price. They are often between one and two dollars, and very often I find them on sale for under a dollar. That’s when I really stock up.

When you go to the grocery store next week take a moment in the cake mix aisle; they go on forever. There are flavors and combinations you never even thought of. Pair these up with all of the different frosting’s and fillings and you are ready to go. Just always follow the instructions on the box and you will get a perfect cake every time.