Do you Prefer a Smoothie or a Coke and why

The question at hand do you prefer a smoothie or a coke depends upon the person you ask. Both drinks have qualities for being chosen as a favorite. I prefer a coke with my meal but a smoothie makes a great breakfast drink. In my opinion the drink you prefer at any given time depends largely on your taste, your mood, and the activities you are conducting. Here are the reasons one might choose one of these drinks over the other and why.

Cokes, sodas, or pops which ever you wish to call them have many people consuming caffeine by the gallons. These drinks come in different flavors, sizes, and styles with generally a refreshing taste. When you wish to drink a coke you can choose from regular, diet, zero, or one with a little added flavor such as cherry or maybe lime. You may purchase them in a can or for convenience and travel in a bottle. Sizes can range from 12 ounces to liters. Most prefer to drink their coke cold but a few prefer to enjoy the drink warm. If you choose to cut back on your caffeine intake from coke you can opt for the no caffeine option available in almost every brand. Even with the choices at hand it is true that there is not a large difference in flavors of brands. A coke is simply a coke and they are not a healthy choice for you no matter what meal you wish to wash down with them or how badly you need cooled off from all those hot hours spent working outside.

Smoothies can be a rewarding treat. Smoothies come in so many different flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, banana, orange, mint, and the list can continue on to almost anything you can think of. If you can think of it you can probably make a smoothie with the flavor. Smoothies are generally of a thicker texture than coke and does not serve well to wash meals down but can easily be a healthy meal all their own. Many people today are using smoothies as a means to not only get their fruit servings but also their vegetables. That is right it is not uncommon to hear of a fruit and veggie smoothie. Smoothies are made with ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, juices, and even ice cream. Smoothies of course are best when consumed ice cold. Once they begin to get warm they loose their appeal. Some folks are finding they can make energy smoothies and have been known to sneak caffeine, herbs, etc into the mixture but a smoothie can be made as pure and free of these elements as you would like. If you would like to drop some calories off your smoothie replace any sugar other than the natural sugars from your ingredients with artificial sweetener such as Splenda. The possibilities with smoothies are endless. If you can think it you can make it!

Now that you have the facts what do you prefer a smoothie or a coke? Let me guess it depends on your mood and what you are doing right at that moment in time. Well as I said before the choice depends on many factors with a large one being the individual and what they like. The choice is yours. Have what you like but try to be as healthy as possible while you are doing it.

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