Does Drinking Mineral Water have Health Benefits – No

If you think that mineral water is good for your health you better rethink that idea. You see, that kind of water contains iron, sulfur, copper, zinc, heavy metals and a host of other things that can build-up in your system and eventually kill you. You can also get mighty sick after drinking contaminated bottled water, mineral water or not. Then again, pasteurized minerals are still minerals that can be good or bad for your health.

As a matter of fact, even bottled water from Europe and France in particular, several years ago, was discovered to contain anti-freeze.  Some people will do anything for money. As a result, you can be their next victim, and they could care less if you live or die. Their desire for money far outweighs the possibility of being sued for all that they have. Just try to sue a Foreigner within a Foreign Country and then see what happens. It is more likely that you will die from old age, rather than receive adequate compensation for the loss of a loved one or your resulting health problems. Pure and filtered drinking water is what you should really buy for yourself and for your loved ones.

Then again, if you seek minerals within the water you drink, just drill a well, if ground water is available, and then pump it right into your home. That is, after you have that water tested for other harmful chemicals.

Thousands of people have died from cancer because their ground water was polluted by greedy industrialists. Sure, the cost to drill the well and install the pump is expensive, and you risk the possibility of being poisoned, or subsequently find out that the water truly is not safe to drink. Ergo, you must then install a water filtration system. There goes more big bucks out of your pocket.

So too, the taste and odor of the pumped water might sicken you. The odor of rotten eggs usually is detected in the South and West parts of the United States of America. Iron is found in the ground water in the Midwest. Then again, water pollution takes place in industrial areas where chemicals are dumped on the ground or put in holding ponds where it subsequently soaks into the ground and eventually reaches the water table.

Is all of that expense and risk worth drinking mineral water, be it from a bottle or straight from the ground? You decide, but there are times and places on Earth where water is only available from sources underground.

Just to be on the safe side, you should have your tap water tested, no matter where that water comes from. Yes, that water probably is not safe for drinking all of the time. Those who are concerned about healthy drinking water should, without a doubt, buy a water filtration system and make sure that it is doing a proper job for you and your family.

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