Easy Recipes for Kids

Delicious sherbet punch!

Makes about one punchbowl full.

1 carton Rainbow Sherbet
1 2-liter bottle Hawaiian Punch (or any fruit punch)
1 large can pineapple juice
1 2-liter bottle lemon-lime soda (Sprite, 7-up, Sierra Mist, etc.)
Ice (optional)


(Note: This recipe is very approximate. Different amounts of each ingredient may be used to suit your taste. Experiment!)

Scoop medium-sized bits of the sherbet into the punch bowl. They should be small enough to fit into the cups the punch will be served in.

Pour 1-2 cups of ice into the bowl. The amount of ice depends on the size of the bowl. The ice is not necessary, but it keeps the punch cold longer than the sherbet does.

Pour the pineapple juice into the bowl until the bowl a little less than 1/3 full.

Pour the Hawaiian Punch into the bowl until the bowl is a little less than 2/3 full.
Pour the lemon-lime soda into the bowl until the bowl is almost full.

Stir with a ladle and let the punch sit for a few minutes so the sherbet melts into it.
Serve and enjoy!

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