Fast and Easy Orange Chicken

I used to buy the heat and eat orange chicken in the supermarket, my kids loved it but it’s not always easy to find. So eventually, I came up with my own version of the easiest orange chicken yet. The whole meal takes less than 30 minutes, costs less than $7.00 (if you use the frozen chicken nuggets) and you can always make your own chicken nuggets if you prefer. The following recipe feeds 4 or 5 people easily with left overs.


*3 lbs of your standard flavor frozen chicken nuggets, cooked just like the package says

( I use no named brands, they taste just as good when the meal is done as named brands)


*3 lbs of chicken breasts, cut into nugget sized pieces and rolled in flour and deep fried

*1 pkg (3.98 FL OZ) Simply Asia mandarin orange stir-fry sauce

*5 cups of frozen broccoli, carrots and cauliflower (steamed so they are still crunchy)

*4 OZ can of water chestnuts (drained and sliced)

*4 cups of cooked rice

*Soy sauce to taste (optional)

*Mandarin orange sections (optional)

Mix the chicken nuggets w/ the Simply Asia mandarin orange stir-fry sauce in a large bowl, making sure each nugget is coated well. Add steamed vegetables and water chestnuts then toss like a salad. Serve over cooked rice and season with soy sauce and garnish with mandarin orange sections.

The chicken nuggets and Simply Asia mandarin orange stir-fry sauce can be made early and refrigerated until your ready to serve. Simply make the chicken nuggets a little crunchier when you cook them, and heat up in the microwave before adding the vegetables. Use chop sticks and add fortune cookies, hot tea or egg rolls to round out the meal. This is a great main dish to build a Chinese dinner around.

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