Fun Baking Projects for the Entire Family

Baking is perhaps one of the most enjoyable things that you can get the whole family into. Especially if young children are involved in it. This makes it fun because young children are far less experienced in baking than we are as adults, so they will find joy in every aspect. There are many different baking projects that you can line up for yourself and the kids that will be both rewarding, and memory making, times.

~Cookies. Sure, we all love cookies, but little ones really love cookies! Let them stick their little fingers (clean fingers!) in there to break up the dough, or form it into little snowmen and such. The best thing is that there are no rules as to the best shape your child can make or what the finished product will be because they will eat the evidence anyway.

Sugar cookies are probably the easiest, most coming in pre-made packages or boxes. These are easy because there are not nearly as many ingredients, and they are much easier to decorate because of their plainness. Buy some candies, sprinkles, icing, and food coloring. Pair these with fun cookie cutter shapes of all types and let the kids go to town. They will love making imaginary worlds with little gingerbread shaped men, and Santa heads. Or just add food coloring to the dough, letting the kids build to their delight. You might make a mess, but the kids will have fun, and dad will have some interesting dessert to eat.

~Cupcakes. Cupcakes are great because they are fairly easy, and you can do the mixing and filling of the cups, leaving the decorating for the kiddies. Use food coloring to make a variety of hues to top those yummy little muffins with. Get some gumdrops and some different types of candies and sprinkles that the kids can adorn the cakes with. These can be taken to school or shared with family and friends and create great conversation pieces. Cupcakes have virtually no set up or clean up times, making them perfect for good family fun.

~Little personal pizzas. Anytime you order a pizza everyone wants a different topping, making it nearly impossible to get one or two pies to meet everyone’s taste. Pick up a couple of packages of shredded cheese, some toppings like pepperoni and mushrooms, some spaghetti sauce and a package of crescent rolls or even bread. Allow everyone to make their own individual pizza! This will work out great because there will be no disagreements among the children, and you won’t have to make dinner.

If you are pressed for time, you can always pick up a package of pre-made cookies. You can even keep some on hand in the fridge if you have munchkin guests often. You can even make breakfast sandwiches in the morning with biscuits and eggs or sausages. Or bake a cake, as long as you don’t have your heart set on it being perfectly horizontal, or decorated like a pro!