Fun Ways to Decorate a Buche De Noel

Christmas seems almost incomplete for many families without the traditional Christmas delicacy, the Buche de Noel. For those who do not know, a Buche de Noel is a delicious Christmas dessert, made up of a cherry and white chocolate core, surrounded by a soft and juicy layer of yellow sponge cake. Although it can be of any shape, it is usually log shaped.

Although making the Buche de Noel is difficult, many people who are skilled in baking it, have a lot of fun doing it. But for those who do not know how to make a Buche de Noel, you can enjoy as much by simply decorating the cake with your favorite sweets and confectionaries.

When you are decorating the Buche de Noel, the more creative you are, the better. This is because what appeals to your eyes, also appeals to your appetite. If your cake looks delicious and irresistible, then your appetite will think that it will taste as good as it looks. For those of you who aren’t on the creative side, here are some ideas for decorating your Buche de Noel that will not only make it look irresistible, but will also make it tasty and delicious. After using these ideas and decorating your Buche de Noel, you will enjoy Christmas like it truly is the best time of the year.

Frosting in your favorite colors:

After making your Buche de Noel, you can decorate it with the color you want by using different color frosting tubes. Be it the traditional Christmas red and green color, or any other color that you love, you can find it at any ordinary confectioner’s shop.

Pine Boughs:

You can decorate a Buche de Noel by surrounding it with pine boughs.

Artificial Snow:

No one can even imagine a complete Christmas without snow. Due to winter season, Christmas is usually accompanied with snow. Use confectioner sugar to give your Buche de Noel a snowy touch.

Traditional Christmas colors:

If you think that your Buche de Noel lacks traditional Christmas colors, then you can decorate it with berries and holly leaves to bring traditional Christmas red and green colors.

Marzipan figures:

You can use Marzipan to make real-like Christmas figures, such as Santa Claus, reindeers, etc. on your Buche de Noel. For those of you who do not know what marzipan is, it is a strong-flavored confection that tastes and smells like almonds. You can buy it at any normal confectioner’s store.