Having Fun Decorating Buche De Noel

Buche de Noel, also known as Yule Log is a desert served in France around Christmas time.  It is a sponge cake baked in the shape of a Swiss Roll. The cake is baked in a shallow pan and then frosting or a filling is spread over the cake. They frosted or filled cake is then rolled up to look like a log. The “log” is iced with one end being cut off to make it look even more authentic.  There are several ways to decorate the Buche de Noel.

Since the Buche de Noel is a Yule time food, it is fun to use holiday decorations. Holly leaves with holly berries is one way to decorate the Buche de Noel. Make leaves out of fondant and place them on the log. Red-hots can be used as the berries. Red fondant can also be used for the berries.

A red Poinsettia with holy leaves is another beautiful way to decorate the Yule Log. Fondant can be used once again to make a poinsettia and the holly. An artificial Poinsettia is another way to decorate the log. Never use real flowers on the log because they are not meant for human consumption and might poison the cake.  The Poinsettia is not poisonous but could cause stomach problems. Holly however is toxic.

Placing another cake on top of the log to make it look even more authentic is very creative. Make two Buche de Noel logs, cut one in half and place it on top of the log that is being decorated. Then ice both of the cakes making them look like a log.  Making a fondant holly and a few mushrooms placed under the holly or next to it add extra flair to the log. The mushrooms can be made out of fondant or gumdrops. Place one gumdrop on the log and then cut the other in half placing the cut part on top of the other gumdrop making a mushroom.

An extremely adorable decoration for the log is to make miniature mice to place on the log with some holly or holiday bows. The mice can be made out of fondant or porcelain mice can be purchased to place on the log. The porcelain mice are most fun because they become a decoration that can be used after the log has been eaten.  

No matter how a Buche de Noel log is decorated, it is a fun and delicious part of a holiday meal.