Icing a Cupcake for Beginers

Cupcakes are the little wonders that everyone loves. Making cupcakes at home is easy. But this may not seem true if you are very new to baking. Icing a cupcake looks even easier but turns out to be not so for some.

Help for those who fret when it comes to icing your cupcakes:

You have  the cupcake baked all right, cooled and all set for the icing. The secret lies in the texture of the icing and of course on how much practice you have. Butter cream icing is the best when it comes to frosting cupcakes.

Do not forget to beat the butter until creamy and add confectioners’ sugar a little by little and mix until the texture is smooth. If it’s too hard add some milk and mix well. Take a nozzle and put some icing in to it and just press using your hand in to the same bowl to test. If the edges have cracks it is too hard.

Then get the piping bag.  Use disposable ones because they are cheap and worry free. When it comes to nozzles there are many to choose from. For cupcakes use the big cupcake nozzle. Go to a shop and you will notice these big nozzles; suggesting 1M to start with.

 They come with different tips like star, rounded, flower and so forth. Buy star and a few others if you like to practice. The swirl is the most common and the most beautiful pattern. So take the start tip and place it in the piping bag. Fill the bag leaving enough space on top for you to grab the bag. Fold the top until the bag looks like a cone and make sure no air is stuck inside. Else the design will have gaps and look horrible. Now twist the top of the bag and press the icing to bottom until it comes out of the tip.

Get the cupcake and place it on top of the table or on a turntable and adjust height. Start from one end of the outer edge of the cupcake and continue squeezing around until you reach center and stop squeezing, press the tip and lift up. If you are not confident enough to try on a cupcake, just try this on piece of polythene or a glass. Do this as many times as you wish until you get the feel right.

Now try the same swirl from inside out. Try the same thing with different tips. Try placing two or three swirls to form a stack of swirls, reducing the size of the swirl as you go up. By just changing tip & color you can get wonderful designs.

If the swirl is boring, you can just fill the surface with just stars using star or flower tip. My advice is to try all these on a glass surface or on a parchment paper and do experiments.

To add some extra glamour, you can use sprinkles. Match the colors and shapes when you do this. Try to bring in a theme if you are targeting a special event. Select colors wisely to match the season & the event. Try to use powdered coloring instead of liquid to keep the consistency of the icing intact.

There is a lot of information on the internet; do some research.  Finally, do not hesitate to try, go ahead and do it.