Internal Hemorrhoids Treatment of Today

Hemorrhoid which is also known as piles is a condition that is always associated as a disease for old people. Yes it is true that people who are in the age of 50 get hemorrhoids but children and people in their early adult get them as well. But still, if you got them, there are a lot of hemorrhoid treatment strategies that you can do to cure them.

But before we tackle hemorrhoid treatment strategies, it is better that we learn how they are formed first and what are their symptoms.

Hemorrhoids is a clump of muscles and blood vessels that can form inside the rectum (your lower colon; internal hemorrhoids) and outside (external hemorrhoids) on the lining around your anus. Diagnosing internal hemorrhoids is a lot harder because of the location where they are formed. But hemorrhoids can be detected by means of their symptoms.

If you feel a jolt of pain every time you defecate or blood in your stools, then chances are you have internal hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids can be felt by contracting your anus. If you feel pain and the release of stools is associated with extreme sudden pains, then you might have external hemorrhoid.

Now that we know what are hemorrhoids and its symptoms, it is time that we cure them. Below are hemorrhoids treatment strategies or ways that you can do.

Hemorrhoid Treatment by Natural Way

One natural treatment to remove hemorrhoid is by eating a lot of fiber rich foods. Fiber rich food softens the stools in your rectum which make them glide smoothly in your rectum, lessening the friction and contact with your hemorrhoids.

Another is by drinking a lot of water. Drinking a lot of water can soften your stools as well. Hard stools are hard to push and if you are dehydrated then it would be more torture for you. Hydrating your body will keep the moisture and liquid content in your stools for smooth defecation process.

Other natural method is by taking horse chestnut, witch hazel cream, etc.

Hemorrhoid Treatment by Surgery

There are a lot of surgeries that you can avail depending on the severity of internal hemorrhoids. Some of these hemorrhoid treatment surgeries are hemorrhoidectomy which is done by tying your hemorrhoids and taking them off,  Cryogenic therapy which involved freezing hemorrhoids and taking them out and Harmonic Scalpel Surgery which use vibration and heat technology to treat hemorrhoids.  There are still a lot of technique and surgeries that you can undergo to cure hemorrhoids, better ask first an expert about which method is the most efficient and faster, not to mention the price of the hemorrhoid treatment you’ll avail.

Hemorrhoid can really be embarrassing. But with today’s advancement in medical technology, treatment of hemorrhoids becomes easy, faster and more accessible. At the first sight or symptom of hemorrhoid, you must treat it as soon as possible to prevent further complications. If you are not sure of what treatment of surgery to take, then better ask you doctor or family physician about it.