Southern Bakers Love Gifts for the Kitchen

Whether the Southern baker is treating guests with pie, biscuits, cookies or cake, the best presents for Southern bakers are dishes to display the fantastic dishes that come from their kitchens. What is the point of baking if it is not to share with others? These are some great gifts that will lead to a beautiful mouthwatering tablescape of those Southern goodies.

1) Baskets. Purchase the baskets in a variety of shapes and sizes. These baskets are great to take along to events and make a homey display for biscuits and cookies. Longer bread baskets are often a good choice as they are not usually deep and a variety of baked items can be placed in them.

2) Linens. Select beautiful linens in a variety of colors and prints. Tablecloths and place mats can be used to decorate the Southern table. Napkins can be used to line dishes as well as setting the table. Choosing linens that are colorful accent the beauty of the baked items.

3) Pedestal cake plate. These are a wonderful way to display nearly all baked goods. They add height to the table and can make an ordinary dessert look like a high class dessert.

4) Plate stand. Plate stands often come in wrought iron or other metal finishes. These usually accommodate 2-3 plates. Once again these provided vertical display to the dessert table. These stands are usually versatile enough that many sizes of plates can fit. Beautiful antique china or modern stoneware look attractive in these displays.

5) Serving utensils. Find special cake servers or spoons that can assist the cook in serving the baked goods to guests.

6) Higher end paper products. Purchase good quality napkins and paper plates for informal occasions.

7) Paper doilies. These are excellent for placing underneath baked items, especially a solid colored serving dishes.

8) Glass pedestal coffee mugs or fancy ice tea glasses. These are great to serve tasty beverages with their baked goods.

Whether the gift you choose is unique or traditional, antique or contemporary, the Southern cook will appreciate the hospitality of a gift that will accent the beauty of their baking.