Tips for Making the Perfect Cupcakes

Everyone loves cupcakes, we have since we were children. They are great for kids’ parties and classroom treats, but today they are also a trendy, classy adult dessert. With cupcakes you can set out a dessert table they will never forget.

We will start with the kids. We have always sent cupcakes to school with out children on their birthdays. On of my sons favorites is the “Ice Cream Cone Cupcake”.

These are easy:
Take waffle type ice cream cones with the flat base. Use muffin pans and stand the cones up in the muffin cups using foil to steady them. Make any cake mix and fill each cone 2/3 full. Bake as directed on the box for cupcakes. When these have been cooled, ice in a swirling motion to look like soft serve ice cream on top. Top with sprinkles and even a candied cherry. These are a hit with the kids and are less messy than regular cupcakes since they eat the whole thing. My son still asks for these!

A new idea is taking a batch of cupcakes and putting them all together to make a shape. You frost and color the frosting to make what looks like a cake, but you don’t need to cut it. Everyone just needs to grab one. You can do a flag easily or a wreath or tree shape is simple as well. For kids do a football or baseball field, or princess castle. There is no end to what you can do just by laying the cupcakes out next to each other and then putting the icing on.

Most cake mixes make 24 cupcakes at a time, this is quite a bit and may be more than you need. Take the extra and seal in a freezer bag, toss them in the freezer and just pull out what you need. this way you can make several different flavors of cupcakes for a single event, and not be baking all day.

Cupcakes for the adult or family party are also easy and can be elegant. You can make many different types of cake and many different frostings without having to make a whole bunch of cakes. There is something for everyone. You can also fill your cupcakes with jellies, creams and custards. When displaying your cupcakes use different plates and platters. Put something underneath to raise them up or put them on a cake stand for extra drama. With cupcakes it is easy to offer variety without a lot of work.

Spice cake with cream cheese frosting is a great choice for adults. Chocolate is always good and with yellow you can use any flavor of frosting. Make a big batch of white frosting and flavor small amounts with different flavors. Mint, mocha, chocolate, coconut anything!