Welcome to the Stone Age of Cooking Pizza

The pizza stone is probably the best way to achieve a brick oven style pizza from the comfort of your own home.  Many times, friends and family members have gone to a reputable pizzeria and just admired the crunchiness of the crust and that charred flavored from an authentic brick pizza oven, and many of them have envied the thought of having that same quality in their home.  

These days the pizza stone is becoming more popular amongst those wanting brick oven style pizza but with the satisfaction of making it themselves.  Just think of the money you actually save by making your own pizza on a pizza stone in your own home. If you really sit down and think about it, many pizzerias can be quite costly, with their pizza often costing more then 12 dollars, not to mention if you’re having it delivered. Then you have to fork out that extra cash for a tip.  

The reality of the matter is that someone can go to their local grocery store and buy all the products needed to make a homemade pizza for half of the cost of ordering one in a pizzeria and with the pizza stone, you get the pizzeria style you’ve always paid extra for.  Another great benefit of cooking with a pizza stone is that you can buy those boring pre-made frozen pizzas often costing around 8 dollars or even less and cook them on the pizza stone for a surprisingly different but wonderful experience that you just can’t get from a tin pan or baking sheet.  

Many people also believe that a pizza stone should be just used for pizzas, but actually they’re great fot many other applications in the kitchen, they can be used to add a new texture to your homemade cookies, and they can also speed up the process of cooking a varieties of food products.  The thing about a pizza stone is that when used properly (preheating in the oven, while the oven itself preheats) it can actually greatly reduce the cook time of items being cooked if you were place the items directly on the stone. Some people have been know to use a pizza stone to reheat some fried chicken due to the simple fact that with it’s high temperature it keeps the breading of the chicken crunchy and allows it to seem almost fresh due to the crunchiness and continued tenderness.  The pizza stone is a great tool to have in the kitchen, it has many uses and will never fail to surprise you. In the long run it can save you money from ordering out, and it can cut down most cooking time for many items that you cook in an oven.